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Is your lease ending soon? Move out tips and tricks!

We will be in the office by 9:00am Monday through Friday, but if you are getting an early start or it’s a weekend and no one is in the office, put your keys in an envelope and drop them in the mail drop slot – please don’t forget to include your forwarding address or email it to us at Our office is located at 210 Huronview Blvd in Ann Arbor.

Call your utilities companies (DTE = 800-477-4747, Water Dept.) and give them your move-out date and forwarding address for the final bill.  The service will automatically transfer back into our name. Please don’t have services turned off, rather just removed from your name.

Security deposits will be mailed within 30 days of the last day of your lease.  The most common deductions from security deposits are:

  1.  Trash removal –   Please leave your unit “broom clean”. Don’t forget the refrigerator/freezer. Trash must be properly bagged and placed at the curb (or in your dumpster). It is a good idea to start throwing things away now.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY DEBRIS BY THE STREET.  THE CITY  WILL ISSUE A TICKET AND YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!
  2. Storm windows and screens not put back in the frames.  Check your closets. Make sure every window is put back together.
  3. Keys not returned.  Each copy costs approximately $2.00 PLUS the cost sending a contractor to the locksmith.
  4. Vanity lights and all other bulbs. You were provided with a complete   working set and need to return a working set.
  5. Do not pre-patch holes in the walls. Doing so may cause additional charges against your security deposit.

All moves are stressful.  Remember to allow yourself more time to pack than you think you’ll need.   Feel free to call if you have any questions.

-The Old Town Realty Team

Posted by: Old Town Realty on April 10, 2017
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